Group 2 

Friday Workshops 2:45 - 3:45 pm

4. DBSA Support Group Meeting

Going through the tough times and the end result of its effect on self and family. We will discuss your story and hopefully lighten some of your burden so that you can leave the workshop without feeling heavy hearted.

Presenter: Wanda Sellers

5. Understanding The Relationship Between Sex Addiction And Depression

Sex is a healthy human pleasure that is essential for the survival of the species. This course will provide an understanding of the relationship between sex addiction and depression and how to heal from this complex and misunderstood addiction.

Presenter: Ma’at Xi, Ed.D

6.Food That Is Good For You And Your Budget

Guilty of eating junk food? Sick of eating the same cheap but boring meals? Hate always giving up what you can’t afford? Want some satisfying, easy, and inexpensive options? (Please bring YOUR favorite cost effective, easy and nutritious recipes too.)

Presenter: Jane Fyer