Group 3

Saturday Workshops 4:00 - 5:00 pm

7. Mental Health Parity

Explain what mental health parity is under the law and what this means for individual mental health services. You will walk out of the presentation with the understanding and tools, which will allow you to obtain better services and achieve better health.

Presenter: Rusty Selix, JD — Attorney-DBSA

8. Riding The Rhythms Of Self-Care

To nurture a relationship with the core self in the simple rhythms of life – of movement, breath, the beating of the heart – is to is to strengthen your ability to return to a healthy, effective core from which you can then move more fully into what you deem to be of lasting value. We will practice grounding: in the body, in relationship and in spirit.

Presenter: Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD

9. Bipolar Disorder - The Future

Will discuss the present classification, STEP-BD program, Influence of Genetic Studies and future treatments. The future looks bright.

Presenter: Himasiri De Silva M.D.