Group 4

Saturday Workshops 10:45 - 11:45 am

10. Learning To Forgive: A Relational And Psychodynamic Approach To Forgiveness

A tenet of psychodynamic therapy, self-awareness is an important element. Having an ethos of self-awareness and self-exploration, psychodynamic therapy strives to not only alleviate symptoms, but lead people to live healthier lives that continue to improve after treatment is done. Participants will be able to identify areas of forgiveness, what forgiveness is and is not, and what forgiveness does for our healing.

Presenter: Dustin Shultz, MA, LMFT

11. The Power Of Positive Psychology For A Happier You

Positive psychology studies the age-old question of why some people are happy despite difficult life circumstances and others are unhappy despite the best of circumstances. In this session, Dr. Kristin Kleppe reviews the latest research in positive psychology including techniques that can be easily adopted to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Presenter: Kristin Kleppe, Psy.D

12. Evidence-Based Psychotherapy and Its Usefulness in Treating Trauma-Related Concerns

Dr. Scher will describe what evidence-based psychotherapy is, why it is important, and how to locate mental health professionals committed to evidence-based practice. She will also discuss scientifically-supported psychotherapies for trauma-related concerns such as PTSD and depression.

Presenter: Christine D. Scher, PhD